Limbkids Support Association Inc is a non-profit, voluntary organisation of parents, professionals and interested people sharing a concern for the care of children with limb differences.

Limbkids aims to :

  • Provide understanding, support and encouragement to new parents.
  • Provide opportunities to meet other families affected by limb differences, so that positive aspects of coping & adjusting can be shared.
  • Liaise with medical profesionals, so that a greater level of understanding and support can be achieved.
  • Provide information regarding limb deficiencies and their management through library services, personal contacts and events.
  • Encourage and maintain a high interest in research into both congenital and acquired limb differences.

The Limbkids support network provides:

  • Telephone counselling
  • Hospital visits
  • Member website
  • Social Events
  • Library resources
  • Modified music & instrument hire
Medal timeFinish line celebrationsTeam Limbkids at the Gold Coast Marathon